January 23, 2015

Stop Labeling by Race

When was the last time you read a news story where a person of African ancestry was not being referred to by his or her race?

There is a serious “culture” problem in America that is being disguised as a “race” problem by selfish, immoral people.

Consider how Al Sharpton, a man devoid of intellect or principles, has achieved multimillionaire status through nothing but inciting racial animus.

This epidemic of racial discord is the result of decades of self-serving people inundating black communities with rhetoric focused on convincing them they are victims of “white privilege”.

The way to end this racial discord is for all people to stop focusing on ancestry. We must take off those glasses that filter perceptions based on race and just see Americans.

We must support those who have been influenced by the race baiters so they can take charge of their lives and raise their children to embrace the future, not fear it.

We must tell the Sharpton’s of this world to “sit down and shut up”!

Education provides the essential elements needed for building rewarding lives. Ancestry does not determine a person’s intellectual capacity to acquire that education, motivation does.

Parents must tell their children that they will stay in school and study hard because failure is not an option.

An often used saying in Nigerian households is: “the best inheritance that a parent can give you is not jewelry or cash or material things, it is a good education”.

The result is that 58% of immigrants from Nigeria have a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to just 15% of black, and 28% of white Americans.

Education can come from on-the-job-training, technical schools or college. But whatever the source, parents owe it to their children to make them believe that education is their number one priority.

Rex A. Hoover