October 24, 2014

Don’t let the politicians “Detroit” Virginia

The road to Liberalism is paved with good intentions. If you have any doubt about that, look no farther than Detroit Michigan, the most liberal city in America. The proof of Detroit’s liberalism? Almost 98% voted for Obama in 2012.

In 1950, Detroit had about 296,000 manufacturing jobs; today there are less than 27,000. This occurred over a period when the U.S. population doubled and total manufacturing jobs decreased by 16%.

In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the U.S. Today it is one third the national average with almost half of the population functionally illiterate, and more than one third of the population living below the poverty level. Detroit has the highest big-city murder rate in America.

Detroit is a prime example of the consequences of an apathetic citizenry. Their self-absorption enabled the establishment of a corrupt political empire that works in consort with powerful unions. Union demands drove manufacturing jobs out of Detroit while unionized government workers were lavished with high salaries and great benefits. The result — Detroit slid below third-world status as a place to raise a family, the diminishing population of workers had their taxes increase, and a culture of entitlement replaced a world-class work ethic.

To be fair, corporate greed at the highest levels helped by inciting the worker discontent necessary to pave the way for self-serving union organizers to reverse the direction of Detroit’s thriving economy.

I doubt that there is any way in today’s America to reverse Detroit’s decline. However, if each and every one of us pays attention to who is running for public office at all levels we can make a difference here. We must vote according to the principle of what is best for our Constitutional Republic to prevent a Detroit-like disaster in cities and towns in Virginia.

Rex A. Hoover