April 25, 2014

Federal Worker Compensation

I take exception to John Morris’ criticism of Rob Wittman in his April 24 letter to the editor.

1. Mr. Morris states that the private sector makes almost 35% more than federal employees — According to the CBO’s January 2012 report, average total compensation for all jobs was 16% higher for federal workers than private-sector employees who had similar observable job characteristics. For people with a high school diploma or less, total compensation for federal employees was 36% higher.

2. Sending money to Jordan — If Mr. Morris wants to complain about money being sent overseas, he should send his complaint to Harry Reid and Mr. Obama since the Obama administration and his fellow Democrats control any and all legislation that goes through the Senate.

3. Supporting our local economy — Mr. Morris states that “every dollar he (Wittman) denies federal workers is a dollar that won’t be spent at a local business”. Does Mr. Morris realize that every dollar paid to a federal worker came out of someone else’s pocket? Ostensibly, someone being paid 16% less than that federal employee!

So I support Rob Wittman in his efforts to stem the hemorrhaging of our hard-earned money through rigorous review of all government spending.

Rex A. Hoover