Dec 18, 2013

Liberal double standards are alive and well at the Fauquier Times.

I had an opinion-letter published in both the Fauquier Free Citizen and the Fauquier Times. The letter addressed a rude telephone call I had received concerning a previous letter I had published titled Elections Matter.

The Editor of the Fauquier Free Citizen published what I had written whereas the Fauquier Times left out a sentence deemed a personal attack by me. "I suspect the drugs he purchased with his Food Stamp money was not mellowing him out as he expected."

However, where my letter was edited, John Winn's rebuttal “Cartoons Don’t Count in Equal Speech” published in December 11th Fauquier Times included his phrase "My voice was raised just enough so that the bigoted old coot could hear me!". Sounds a bit personal to me!

Now I admit that some may consider me a bigot, though I hold no bias for any person based on their ethnicity, God-belief, or sexual orientation. I do however hold the willfully ignorant in low esteem, which I suppose provides the willfully ignorant justification for calling me bigoted.

I also admit that some may consider me old because of my 71 years of age, but I would challenge those to join me splitting firewood, or work beside me for 40 plus hours per week in my engineering job.

However, I take exception to being labeled a coot, as I am neither stupid nor a simpleton. I am a scientist and engineer with 8 patents and a resume that includes published articles in scientific journals and papers presented at scientific symposia.

Rex A. Hoover