Sept 20, 2013

It’s all about the marketing

From 2000-2011 a British company sold $85M in fake bomb detectors to the Afghan government. Those fakes likely resulted in the unnecessary deaths of many thousands of people. The $60,000 hand- held units were deployed at checkpoints and had no technology inside that could detect bombs.

Such a con can only happen if people are so anxious to buy what someone is selling they expend no effort validating what it is they are buying.

Sounds like the same process many people use when voting!

We have a man running for Governor this fall who helped found a bank in 1985 and was elected chairman at the unprecedented age of 30. The bank subsequently made several loans to Democrats running for national offices, and was cited in 1991 for unsound business practices. McAuliffe then helped merge that bank with another one and received a sweetheart job that was questioned by shareholders.

McAuliffe subsequently paid $100 and a union pension fund paid $38.7 million for some real estate valued at $50 million that he then received a 50% equity stake in.

In another of his deals the Dept of Labor sued McAuliffe and a partner for imprudent business practices.

Then he invested $100,000 in Global Crossing where he made over $8 million in profit before the other investors lost $54 billion and 10,000 people lost their jobs due to bankruptcy.

This kind of financially rewarding behavior continued and now he’s collecting millions of dollars from special-interest groups for his run for Governor.

Many people are going to vote for him simply because he is a Democrat. Having a past that suggests he may not be interested in serving all the people of Virginia appears to many not to even be a consideration.

But at least he isn’t trying to sell us bomb detectors!

Rex A. Hoover