August 2013

The Racial Divide

I am seeing a racial divisiveness being played out daily in the main stream media that is not representative of the world I live in.

The extremely negative tone and the very deliberate attempt to spread discord among different self-identified groups disturb me. It is an indicator of just how much the main stream media has changed from focusing on fact-based information to providing shock-value based entertainment.

A person’s ethnic ancestry is no more of an indicator of a person’s innate behavior than their eye color. Yet so many in the media use race as a club to assault the sensibilities of everyone they can pontificate to for any reason imaginable.

There are some facts that the liberal media ignore for reasons I ascribe to “willful stupidity”. Facts like blacks are many times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites than whites are against blacks. However, I am convinced that alarming statistic is not about ethnicity, it is about culture. Raise any child from any gene pool in the culture that is so prevalent in some Chicago inner city areas and many of that population will behave the same way, independent of their ancestry.

Those who are nurtured by a family are more likely to be motivated to strive for achievement while those who come of age immersed in an environment of despair are often overwhelmed with feelings of frustration and resentment.

But the fact that a person grows up unloved by the two who made him does not make others outside of his immediate environment his victimizers. Blaming white people for the high crime rate in some black communities is especially reprehensible because it essentially abandons more generations of children to a destructive environment instead of intervening to change the world they are raised in.

America, we can and should do better!

Rex A. Hoover