July 3, 2013

Pandering to Voters

I have been seeing a lot of opinion pieces castigating the Republican Party for not modifying their positions in order to make them more agreeable to one group or another.

In 2012, 43% of eligible voters chose not to vote, and many who did vote could not even give a rationale reason for the candidates they supported other than their party identification.

Americans need an education on America, a nation founded by people willing to do whatever it took to assure their progeny of a homeland where they could pursue their dreams of living in a free and just society, one not held hostage to political correctness or a progressive agenda.

Americans need to be taught that free stuff, whether it be telephones, health care, or access to our lands, is not really free. It always costs someone something and the long term effect is the destruction of our American way of life.

Taking away a person’s incentive to work deprives them of ever having that feeling one gets when they know they have done their best. They can chase after that feeling with drugs and alcohol, but the reality is, that feeling can only be earned.

So the challenge faced by the Republican Party is to educate the populace on how important it is to understand the consequences of their vote. For the uneducateable it is a lost cause, for the others there is always hope.

The Republican Party needs oratorically gifted educators who can reach Americans with a message focused on preserving our principles as described by our Constitution. They need to teach people how to evaluate every candidate and vote wisely lest the promise they were given by their ancestors is not given to their progeny.

Rex A. Hoover