August 1, 2012

America: Threatened by people on the fringes

The United States of America was founded by people of all types and beliefs who left their homes to come to a foreign land and build new lives for themselves and their children.

These people brought their traditional beliefs in religion and family with them and proceeded to build the greatest nation on the planet, one that produces 23% of world's total gross domestic product with only 4.5% of the world's population.

We dishonor their sacrifices by standing by while our fundamental beliefs are eroded by fringe groups.

We have reached a point where the very existence of a cross seems to threaten the mental state of those who do not believe in Christianity.

We have reached a point where a corporate CEO is publicly derided for stating he does not believe it is appropriate for homosexuals to "marry".

We have reached a point where "free money" is considered a right and denial of that right invokes public demonstrations of outrage.

Meanwhile, those of us who support our churches, traditional family values, and capitalism are subjected to the vilest rhetoric extolled by the fringes as just retribution for our crimes against them.

Why are these fringe groups so driven to force our acknowledgment that we deserve subjugation to their ideology? We do not force our views on them. Having a cross in view is no more intrusive to an atheist than meat displayed in a supermarket is to a vegan.

Traditional marriage does not have to be redefined for people of the same sex to live together in harmony. And rewarding people for laziness enslaves them rather than helps them.

I believe we will be a better country if these people in the fringes simply desist in their efforts to redefine America and keep their personal lifestyle opinions to themselves, as do the rest of us. Let us all simply live together to build a better place for all Americans.

Rex A. Hoover