July 12, 2012

I went to sleep last night in America and think I woke up in Cuba.

This morning I found out that, if I want to sell an egg or tomato from my little farm, I must first apply for and receive an Administrative Special Permit.

So I went to the Fauquier County website and found that there are 24 items on the Application Forms & Checklists and 11 items under Information/Instructions that I need to sort through to apply for an Administrative Special Permit.

I also found the following statements:

"A Zoning Permit is required before a property can be utilized for any activity other than agriculture, horticulture or forestry". OK, that sounds pretty clear.

Then I found this - "An Administrative Permit is also required by the Zoning Ordinance for certain uses which have special standards or requirements for review. This Administrative Permit can be approved as part of the Zoning Permit if required supplemental information is provided for the particular use and if the additional fee for an Administrative Permit is paid with the Zoning Permit". Not so clear.

There are 59 categories listed on the Fauquier County Community Development Permitting & Inspection Fee Schedule. Under the Administrative Section appears: "Fee for installations for which no fee appears - Min. $65.00 (Determined by the Building Official" and if you are not pleased with whatever this official decides, "Appeal of Building Official Decision $500.00".

Is this really what we want our hard-earned tax dollars to be used for? Folks, if you do not care, then just keep kidding yourself that it doesn't matter, but sooner or later this creeping Socialism will show up at your door too. Lest you believe I exaggerate, consider that a Phoenix man who violated city zoning laws by hosting a Bible study in the privacy of his home has just started serving a 60-day jail sentence and was fined $12,180 for his crimes.

If you want your freedoms restored, pay careful attention to everyone who runs for a local office, especially the Board of Supervisors, and quiz them on their positions on all matters concerning the governance of our community. Stay in constant contact with them throughout their terms and let them know what you like, and especially what you dislike, about things our money is being used for.

Apply the same due-diligence to selecting the person you vote for as you do buying a car and keep sharing your opinions with them and I assure you we can restore some of the freedoms that have been taken away by local special-interests through pandering politicians.

Rex A. Hoover