September, 2011

Vote for Sherbyn for Supervisor

I do not reside in the Cedar Run voting district. However, if I did, I would be casting my vote for Lee Sherbyn for the Board of Supervisors.

Several years ago I purchased some meat from Sherbyn's Longhorn Beef. At the time I had met Lee a few times in a social setting and had heard his sales pitch where he represented his product succinctly, without hyperbole. I subsequently ordered a side of beef to be cut and wrapped. When I came to accept delivery, Lee was out sick so an employee helped me load the many pieces.

A few days later I received a phone call from Lee apologizing because some of my order was inadvertently left in his cooler. I didn't miss those pieces and would have never known I had not received them, but Lee knew and made certain I was given everything I had paid for.

Lee could have simply sold those several pieces and added to his profit margin, but chose to do the honorable thing instead. Though this was not some life-changing event, it is an indicator of his adherence to his principles.

I believe Lee Sherbyn will serve his constituents with that same integrity and recommend that each Cedar Run voter consider that when they cast their vote November 8.

Rex A. Hoover