August 18, 2011

Mainstream media's liberal bias admitted

Both Liberals and Conservatives already know this, but for all of you in the middle, please consider that the mainstream media, both print and over the airwaves, do not provide a balanced view of American political discourse.

According to the 1996 survey by the American Society of Newspaper Editors, 61% of Journalists identify themselves as Liberal/Democratic, 15% Conservative/Republican, and 24% Independent/Other versus a general population of 34% Democrat, 30% Republican, & 36% Independent.

Is it any wonder that the "main stream media" overwhelmingly publishes stories, cartoons, and opinions that support a liberal vision for America?

Socialists like George Soros out spend constitutional-government supporters by millions of dollars to inundate people with statements intended to motivate them to support candidates who share their ideology.

They implant into the minds of a large part of the population that Democrats can do no wrong, while Republicans can do no right.

They flood the airwaves and print media with that message while denigrating all who offer a differing opinion. There are a few conservative opinions presented in liberal media outlets to allow them to propagandize how "fair" they are, but the reality is we are inundated with liberal views.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Newsweek’s Evan Thomas predicted that "sympathetic media coverage" would boost Kerry’s vote by “maybe 15 points,” which he later revised to 5 points. Obama, the darling of the media in the 2008 election, beat McCain by 7.2 points!

If you get your "news" from newspapers and mainstream media outlets, please recognize that you are only getting half the story. To get the other half you will need to seek additional sources, and, in spite of what the mainstream media tells you on a daily basis, Fox News is a place you should go.

Rex A. Hoover