May 27, 2011

Conversation with a liberal

I had an interesting conversation with a liberal business associate recently. He said that "it was outrageous that Republicans wanted to kill National Public Radio; that NPR is the only station he enjoys listening to on his morning commute."

I asked if he ever donated money during one of their fund drives. He answered an emphatic "of course not". I asked him why I should have to help pay for him to listen to the radio? I received no response.

On another day he mentioned how he "hated Bush". I asked him why? After a rather telling pause, he said "because he got us into two wars". I asked if he was aware that many of Bush's harshest critics in Congress had reviewed the intelligence data and concurred with that action, as did Congress at the time. There was a pause and then he said "but Bush ruined our economy".

I said that, in 2010 Obama's party had a majority in both Houses of Congress and they spent 63% more than total revenues. Also, in one year they doubled the National Debt that had taken more than two centuries to accumulate. Silence again.

Then I asked if he ever watched any FOX News programs. His response was "no, FOX News is too biased". I asked which shows on the FOX News station has he watched to form that assessment? His answer was "none". I did not bother to ask how he knew FOX was biased because I already knew the answer: the main-stream-media told him so.

Liberals like him seem to ignore the fact that Democrats controlled the House for 38 and the Senate for 34 of the past 50 years; that when Bush was President, one or both Houses of Congress were under control of Democrats except for his last year.

They overlook the fact that the Freddie and Fannie meltdown that was instrumental in causing the recession was facilitated by legislation passed by a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress based on the foolish premise that every American has a right to own their own home, regardless of their income and expenses.

Liberals seem unaware that medical groups that treat almost a third of Americans say they will not participate in ObamaCare's accountable care program, which will have a huge negative impact on Medicare and Medicaid patients.

So it would seem that the mess our Country is in was caused much more by Democrats than by Republicans, though neither have done the job we hired them to do. If these politicians were to travel Oz's yellow brick road with Dorothy, most would appear as cats -- self-absorbed critters with no conscience. And rather than ask the Wizard for a conscience, they would only ask for reelection.

And liberals would still be oblivious!

Rex A. Hoover