April 14, 2011

Bus Trip

I had a dream last night. I saw a bus with 100 passengers being driven to the town of Prosperity.

Sixty-five passengers looked out the windows and realized they were actually headed to the town of Disaster, in the opposite direction of their intended destination.

Another 27 passengers looked out the windows but could not tell they were headed to Disaster instead of Prosperity.

The other 8 passengers were either sleeping or playing on their iPods and paid no attention to what was happening.

I asked the passengers if they thought the bus driver was doing a good job.

Forty-seven passengers said the driver was doing a poor job because he promised to drive them to Prosperity but they were actually headed to Disaster.

Another 47 said that he was doing a good job even though it appeared they were going in the wrong direction. They said others gave him bad advice but the bus was still headed to Prosperity, it was just going to take a lot longer.

Six passengers said they didn't care where they were going; they were just along for the ride.

I asked the Driver what he thought and he said the direction he was driving was determined by what the last driver had done, that it wasn't his fault they were going in the direction they were going. He told the passengers to trust him, he would get them to Prosperity eventually.

Then I woke up with an understanding of why my grandchildren's generation will be the first in our history to live less well than their grandparents.

Rex A. Hoover