January 3, 2011

George Jean Nathan (1882–1958) said, “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” Based on what transpired in America November 2008, I would restate this as, "Bad politicians are elected by citizens unwilling to invest in forming independent judgments".

It absolutely astounds me that so many people are content to let a biased news media do their thinking for them.

People still defend Obama in spite of his long list of broken campaign promises and the lies he so glibly offers. For 2 years he has sat at the top of his political party with enough Democrats in each house of congress to pass any legislation they wanted, and the best he could do was foist upon us legislation that increased government spending to a level unprecedented in our history.

First he blames his many failures on Bush, and his media supporters cluck their tongues and extol his brilliance. Two years pass and that excuse gets a bit worn so he blames those dastardly Republicans and his media groupies continue to tingle and tell us how great he is.

He spends tens of millions of our tax dollars vacationing and entertaining celebrities while more than 15 million Americans are unemployed. Yet all we get from the mainstream media is how he deserves a rest. I vehemently disagree; our Armed Forces personnel deserve a rest. We deserve a President who, at a minimum, works as hard as the people he is supposed to be working for.

After huge Democratic Party losses in 2010, we see Obama posturing as if he is more aligned with the majority of voters. If and how far he moves to the center remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear, Obama is a politician first, foremost and completely. His self-serving bloviating from his pulpit very often describes the polar opposite of what he is actually doing or has done.

Folks, look beyond what you read and hear from Obama and his main stream media sponsors, and search for an understanding of what is actually happening and why.

We have until 2012 to distinguish reality from rhetoric and then reinstall our American values in the Senate and White House. We owe this to our founders who paid such a high price to give us this great country based on an extraordinary Constitution that is being ignored by this administration.

Rex A. Hoover