December 28, 2010

When is enough, enough?

How much of someone else's money should be given to another who has less?

Listening to the liberal-left, it appears that anything less than everything is immoral. People like me who invested their total net worth earned through 35 years of non-stop work and mortgaged their paid-for home to start a small business should redistribute the fruits of their many sacrifices to those unwilling to work at jobs that they consider beneath them.

We should all thank God every day for being an American where we're each given the opportunity to be successful. Guarantee us an income instead and it is highly unlikely that many of us would have strived for the success that was within our grasp.

If liberals really want to help people at the lower income levels they should work for establishing mentoring programs so people could experience the euphoria one feels when they have worked hard and achieved success. Whether one has served a hamburger or designed the space shuttle, knowing it was done well is what will make people feel pride in themselves.

We need to end all this income redistribution and severely cut the Federal budget. Allow banks and businesses to fail that are not robust enough to stand on their own. Let people fail too if they choose to spend their time seeking other's money instead of working for their own.

Allow churches and charities to play the role they are meant to play, supporting those who find themselves in need through no fault of their own. Help will be there for people in need if the liberals will get out of the way and stop confiscating so much of other people's money.

We live in a capitalist country where entrepreneurship and care for others will always find a way. Let's stop enabling failure and get back to our founding principles which have served our nation well for a very long time.

Rex A. Hoover