October 2010

Get Informed and Get Involved

Our nation owes over 13 trillion dollars. Interest is costing over $1 billion/day. For the 63% of tax filers who pay 43% of Federal Revenues, that averages $1,716/year per filer just for the interest!

Bush increased our nation’s debt by $4.9 trillion in 8 years. Obama increased our debt $2.5 trillion in his first 19 months in office. Is that the change many were expecting?

Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress passed an $814 billion stimulus bill to boost job creation for the 10.3 million who were unemployed when Obama got elected. Now there are 14.9 million people unemployed with working-age poverty rates the highest since the 1960’s. Oops!

Obama keeps blaming Bush. It seems that “Hope and Change” thing hasn’t worked out so well and it’s all Bush’s fault. Ouch!

When will Obama’s unconditional supporters finally seek reality? And I don’t mean listen to Obama’s speechifying or the mass media’s propaganda. Over 80% of people who identify themselves as journalists admit they are Democrats. Could that explain why there is so much main-stream-media hype about mistreatment of Obama by Tea Partiers and FOX News but deafening silence when those same “enlightened” media types inundated Bush with bad press for years?

So what can be done to save our way of life? Grass-roots Americans referred to as Tea Partiers are showing us the way.

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto is purported to have said "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Obama and the Democrat-controlled congress have reawakened Americans. If we want our country restored to the great country our forbearers gave us, each of us must resolve to get informed and get involved.

We can start taking our country back by going to the polls in November and vote for Republicans. The alarm bell is ringing; don’t let it become the death knell for our American way of life.

Rex A. Hoover