July 28, 2010

Racism is alive in America. However, this time it appears that it is some in the race of people who suffered from this abomination in the past who are now inflicting it upon those with whom they disagree.

These folks, who identify themselves as African-Americans, are now interpreting a Tea Party sign that reads “We want our country back” as racist. That very concept brings to the light of day just how racist people who think this way are.

The simple fact is that many of us want our country back from a Socialist-leaning government. However, we would no more vote for a person based on race or gender than we would vote against them because of it.

While 95% of people who identified themselves in exit polls as black voted for Obama, 43% of people who identified themselves as white did also. To put that in perspective, in 1984, when Mondale lost to Reagan by 18%, 91% of black’s and 34% of white’s voted for Mondale, the democratic candidate. The only role race plays here is that people who identify themselves as black overwhelmingly vote for democrats.

But now we live in a country where expressing dissatisfaction for the policies of the Obama administration is met with accusations of racism. How petty and ridiculous.

If Samuel Johnson were alive today, he would say “Racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, and I would agree completely.

Rex A. Hoover