June 23, 2010

Misinterpretation of the law

In the June 16 Times-Democrat, Larson offered “Immigration laws unethically violate property rights”, and Selbo offered “While it’s true that inconveniencing hapless minorities is a time-honored American tradition….”.

It appears to me that they have confused the English meaning of the words immigrant and trespasser.

Arizona has about 6.6 million people living legally in the state. Many are immigrants who embraced the United States as their home and became Americans.

Arizona has about 350,000 trespassers that cost taxpayers about $2.9Billion a year. That calculates to about $8,300 per trespasser per year.

I know of no country on the planet that does not vigorously defend their borders except for the modern U.S. So for those who think it is fine to have gangs of trespassers crossing or living on private land, I recommend that they move to southern Arizona. I hear the land is selling real cheap.

After living there for a year, send us back a letter extolling the virtues of open borders. Then I’ll take your opinion seriously.

What they will find when they arrive in Arizona is a law that includes the following: Arizona S.B. 1070 Article 8. Enforcement of Immigration Laws, Paragraph J “This section shall be implemented in a manner consistent with Federal Laws regulating immigration, protecting the civil rights of all persons and respecting the privileges and immunities of United States citizens.”

In case that is too difficult for a few to understand, I’ll interpret — that means a police officer must have a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime before they can detain them. And the language has already been reviewed and accepted by our Supreme Court as consistent with our Constitution.

How that violates anyone’s property rights and inconveniences “hapless minorities” I will leave for the conjecture of the lefties. They do seem to enjoy extrapolating beyond all reason, especially when it has no deleterious impact on their own lives.

Rex A. Hoover