June 10, 2010

How can 46% of Americans observe what the Obama Administration is doing to our country and still approve of his performance?

Can’t they see that what he does is so often the polar opposite of what he said he was going to do?

For example:

Obama tells us ObamaCare will save us money. The director of the CBO says that it is actually going to cost us more, deliver less, and break federal and state budgets. Also, the new rules single out physician-owned hospitals, making new projects ineligible to receive payments for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Would you rather go to a hospital owned by doctors or lawyers?

Obama denigrates the Arizona Immigration law when enforcement is more restrictive than the federal law it was modeled after that has withstood Supreme Court review.

Obama tells us he is going to have a transparent administration but makes his deals behind closed doors and without the promised C-SPAN presence.

Obama tells us taxes will not increase for middle-class Americans when the exact opposite is happening in many subtle ways. And just in case you missed it, taxes on internet usage has gone from an urban legend to pending reality.

Obama tells us the Bank Bill will protect taxpayers but it excludes the two biggest causes of the financial meltdown, Freddie and Fannie, who buy over 95% of the bank-owned home mortgages and repackages them as securities for the naive to invest in. We the taxpayers have already spent well over $100B bailing them out with no end in sight.

Obama enjoys the benefits of the president’s office while our Louisianan brethren suffer from the gulf disaster. The Obama minions can’t stop the leak, however he certainly could have rallied the necessary resources to keep it from reaching land.

I welcome enlightenment from those who stare into the dark clouds of reality and see only rainbows.

Rex A. Hoover