May 2010

If you want to see the future of our great country, all you have to do is read the headlines.

“Greece erupts in violent protest as citizens face a future of harsh austerity — The Observer, Sunday 2 May 2010.” One out of three people in Greece are employed by civil service for life. In this case, I think “harsh austerity” means many will have to get a real job and earn their living producing a product or providing a service to those who do.

The entitled in Greece far outnumber the earners. Greece has progressed to an economy based on borrowed money because they don’t have enough earners paying taxes to support a bloated government bureaucracy and liberal social welfare programs.

Governments have no money; the money they spend comes from people who earned it. Many of us have or will work over half a century to provide our personal living standard. The freeloaders among us are not entitled to what we earn. They need to get out there and earn their own way or we will all fail.

I believe in charity, and contribute to a variety of causes to help those less fortunate than myself. That is my choice. However, under our Constitution we are each free from anyone forcing us to do so.

This concept of spending money we don’t have on ever-expanding entitlements for citizens and illegal occupants is ruining our country’s ability to survive as an independent nation.

The future is clear. There will surely become a time when the entitled can’t get their entitlements and then they will riot here too, unless we start electing people who believe in our constitution as it is written.

Rex A. Hoover