April, 2009

From a Small Business Owner

In 2009, taxes paid from job related income dropped by 13.4% while government benefit payments went up 12.4%.

Some blindly accept the self-serving nonsense being delivered by President Obama and his worshippers that our cost of living is not going up, but the reality is that all taxpaying citizens are going to have significantly less of their hard earned money to spend on their families. And the top 10% earners who pay 70% of the taxes had better get ready to contribute a lot more.

Entrepreneurs all across America have gambled everything they own to start small businesses. They work long hours every day and toss and turn every night trying to figure a way to keep from losing everything.

Then, after surviving all the trials and tribulations of founding a successful business, they can only watch as more and more of their income goes to support ever-expanding entitlements for those who have slept peacefully at night

In 2009 the U.S. produced about $100,000 in goods and services per worker. The Federal, State, and Local governments spent about one third of that and that percentage is rising dramatically under this administration.

Those who still are convinced that Obamanomics is good for our country are ignoring the fact that the Government has no money. The money being spent giving entitlements actually belonged to some working person until the Government took it.

America has fewer and fewer people spending their working lives supporting more and more who expect to be taken care of. Soon there will not be enough taxable income to support this expectation of increasing entitlements.

What will happen when there are no longer enough income-earners to pay for those who choose to live off the effort of others?

November’s coming and taxpayers need to elect people who will actually serve them by honoring our constitution. We need change now more than ever before!

Rex A. Hoover