October 9, 2009

Missing: The truth about health care bill

I take exception to the rhetoric being used to mislead us on the health care legislation this administration and its proponents are trying to foist upon us.

They say the Hyde Amendment will prevent our tax dollars from being used for abortions. The truth is that the Hyde Amendment is circumvented by language in the House bill that provides for reimbursement for abortions.

They emphasize that cuts in Medicare will help fund implementation of this legislation without any loss of service to seniors. Right, and I believe in the tooth fairy, too.

Most of us senior citizens have worked our entire lives while paying for health insurance, directly or through our employers, when no significant health care was required. For us, quality health care is a return on our investment--no more, no less.

Obama says there will be no coverage for illegals. That may even be literally correct; however, after this administration provides amnesty for illegals and an easy path to citizenship, these same people will be covered.

They say death panels are not in the bill. You can spin the words all you want; most of us recognize a pig with or without lipstick. A board will decide who gets treated and for what.

Who can say when time is within the last year of a person's life unless you deny medical care, thus making it so?

Now it's "reform we can believe in." Trusting Obama and this Congress is like trusting Bernie Madoff with your retirement account.

However, I can understand how so many get confused. The U.S. Constitution was written in four pages, yet these so-called health care bills take a thousand pages to define this latest distribution of wealth brought to us by politicians serving themselves, not us.

Rex A. Hoover