August 26, 2009

A 'critical' election is coming in Virginia; McDonnell's the one

I am a conservative independent, though I favor Republican candidates more often than Democrats.

That being said, I am almost as dissatisfied with the Republican Party as I am with the Democrats.

However, a critical election is coming in Virginia.

Democrat Creigh Deeds responded to the question of removing voter anonymity when casting a ballot on unionization with classic political spin. He says it's a federal matter and not something a governor should comment on. I beg to differ, as the role of union organizers is a critical matter to everyone.

Republican Bob McDonnell's position on education is critical. Parents don't raise children; they raise adults through childhood.

I believe one of the biggest obstacles those future adults will have to reaching their potential in life is their preschool and primary-school education. Later on they can learn facts, but those early years are crucial to learning how to think creatively and nourish aptitudes.

If public institutions can't do the job, private institutions must. Mr. McDonnell supports private-education alternatives.

Perhaps my greatest reason for supporting Mr. McDonnell is to send a loud message to the Democratic Party and the Obama administration that we have had enough.

Left-leaning liberals have hijacked the Democratic Party and made it a party of insiders enriching others who share their goals of accumulating unlimited wealth and power, all under the guise of making our country a better place.

The reality is that our economy is degrading at an alarming rate, and if we don't begin to exercise some control at the polls, we will lose our American way of life forever.

A single-party government is not in our best interest. Please join me and support Bob McDonnell for governor.

Rex A. Hoover