July 21, 2009

Our American way of life is being destroyed

Wake up, folks, we're going over a cliff like migrating lemmings. We are losing the American way of life that was a model for all the industrialized countries on the planet.

The Obama administration has been feeding us the best of political prestidigitation.

While they focus our attention with feel-good rhetoric, they are dragging our country into Third World status by doing things completely at odds with what they say.

The nonsense that "We saved 100,000 jobs" should be "We have lost only 2 million jobs instead of 2 million and 100,000."

Obama says he's committed to transparency, yet hides from us who visit the White House.

Obama says he wants his government to be held accountable, and then fires an inspector general who proved his friend Kevin Johnson was misusing grant money.

Obama says we need to spend $1 trillion to save our economy without even taking time to read the bill. Now, it's "Oops, that didn't work, let's spend some more."

This marketing of fiction over fact permeates the Obama administration, and it appears about half of Americans either believe the nonsense or just don't care.

Now we are being told that most Americans want socialized medicine.

In a Rasmussen poll, only 12 percent said they believed their health care coverage will get better under the plans being bandied about.

Overall, 50 percent are somewhat in favor of one of these plans, while 45 percent are somewhat opposed.

Stating that there is overwhelming support for a plan not even detailed is beyond disingenuous, it's propaganda.

The Obama administration, with the active involvement of the Congress, is doing what our enemies have tried to do and failed: destroy the American way of life.

Rex A. Hoover