June 11, 2009

To those 2010 candidates who want my vote...

First, stop acting like greed and capitalism are the same thing.

Greed is large corporate CEO’s being paid more money in a few hours than the average employee is paid in a year. Justifying this by telling us it is necessary in order to hire the best and brightest insults every person working in the real world.

Henry Ford didn’t do it, and he got very rich by paying fair wages to everyone, including himself.

Capitalism is providing a product or service at a profit where all benefit proportional to their investment in risk, money, time, and labor.

Capitalism should be rewarded, greed should be punished. If you can’t distinguish between the two, get a job in the private sector until you can.

Second, get us out from under the dependence on foreign oil and influence of oil speculators. Seek out people in this great country who can explain how this can be done.

We are populated by the most creative people on the planet. Open a debate and ask some of them.

Third, stop this hemorrhaging of money that is bankrupting our country. No one is too big to fail, and that includes the United States of America.

Let capitalism principles prevail and greedy companies fail. It is better for us all in the long term.

Fourth, restore the rights to the states as per the 10th Amendment to our Constitution, which makes explicit the idea that the federal government is limited to the powers granted in the Constitution. It is a simple fact that the more power the federal government takes, the less power we the people have.

Fifth, actively support term limits for Congress. It is quite obvious that the longer a person’s political career, the greater influence lobbyists have on his or her performance.

Representatives we need; servants indentured to lobbyists we do not.

Rex A. Hoover