January 6, 2008

Enlightened Canada can show us the way

I'd like to offer an elaboration on Tim McLeod's letter to the editor ["Reprocess spent fuels for our nuclear reactors," Dec. 30].

According to the Energy Information Administration, approximately 19 percent of our electricity is generated from nuclear energy, 48 percent from coal, and 2 percent from petroleum.

In almost every other industry in the U.S., "economy of scale" principles produce a lower price per unit for products with increasing purchase volumes, while the coal and oil barons have convinced us that their manipulated "supply and demand" pricing strategy of escalating prices is fair and reasonable.

However, we only have to look north to see what is possible. Our neighbors in Canada have increased their nuclear generation capacity based on using spent fuel rods from other reactors, so their technology requires 30 percent to 40 percent less mined uranium.

While the coal and oil industry leaders refuse to invest any significant part of their profits in improving efficiency, the Canadian nuclear power industry leaders are doing precisely that. And they are reprocessing spent fuel elements in the process!

Nuclear power can be one of the key factors for us in getting back some control of our economy, and enlightened people in Canada are showing us the way.

Rex A. Hoover