October 27, 2006

When I needed help, Rep. Jo Ann Davis provided it

A few years ago, our family business sold one of our products to a federally funded laboratory outside of Chicago. The principal who made the purchase had a problem with the local computer network, which caused some strange things to happen.

This person chose to scapegoat our company rather than accept our advice on what they needed to do to fix their problem.

After many e-mails, letters, phone calls, and a site visit at our expense, we gave up on getting this person to be reasonable and asked for help from our representative in Congress, Jo Ann Davis.

Our call for help was promptly answered, and we were invited to meet with Rep. Davis and her staff in Fredericksburg to review our request for support.

On the day of the meeting, it was quite obvious that Rep. Davis had a lot going on, as her office area looked like a train station at rush hour.

However, we were invited into a conference room, and our problem was discussed in detail, with Rep. Davis listening intently.

Her staff put together a response to the superior of the person with whom we were having a problem, and we subsequently received a very nice letter from him letting us know that the inappropriate behavior would not happen again.

So when y'all are wondering what our representative in Congress does when not in Washington, I can tell you: She is representing us--and I mean all of us, as Rep. Davis had no idea what political party I might identify with.

Rep. Davis has my family's votes to continue to represent us in the House.

Rex A. Hoover