January 16, 2005

Above the Fold
Letter to the Editor - The Free Lance Star

I have come to terms with the liberal bias of the media and am content to search through the many opinions disguised as factual reporting to glean the information I seek. However, Sunday's front page left me shaking my head.

Prominently displayed above the fold was the image of a 12 year who revels in all the attention he is receiving for disrespecting the very country that provides him the freedom to be disrespectful.

At the bottom of the page was an article about the actions of two people who, when they were teenage schoolgirls, demonstrated extraordinary courage by intervening in the lives of a bus full of children to remove them from a hazardous environment. As the 12-year old did, they also defied prevailing authority, however, their act was selfless and demonstrated a moral character that is a model for every child in the world.

Principled people like the Gladys cousins are what has made this country great, and to preserve it is why we send our young people into harms way. People like the 12 year old just get to go along for the ride. How refreshing it would have been to have the story about the Gladys cousins above the fold and the story of the 12 year old on a back page where it belongs.

Rex A. Hoover