August 20, 2002

Accident account trivialized a cherished life

When I read the article about the Aug. 12 accident near Sumerduck and got to the part where it stated that the accident took the life of Mike Angell, I was shocked and saddened.

As I continued to read the words placed there, my sorrow turned to outrage. Focusing on high school athletes and interviewing their coach, while just barely acknowledging the man who was killed by the driver who crossed into his lane, is extremely poor journalism. If that is the best your paper can do, your subscribers would have been better served by leaving that space blank.

Mike Angell was an honest, hard-working family man who lived the high moral standards he set for himself and taught his children. He is a role model for future generations, not because of any athletic abilities he may have possessed, but because he was a man with integrity who lived as he talked.

Trivializing him in such a fashion shows poor judgment, and you should be embarrassed for publishing such unprofessional work.

Rex A. Hoover